War Zone / Comfort Zone screens at the Arizona Film Festival!

War Zone is on the Marquis at the Screening Room in Tucson, AZ.

War Zone/Comfort Zone screened twice at the Arizona International Festival. There was a sponsored screening at the Oro Valley Library and another screening at the Screening Room.

It was our first festival, the response to the film was wonderful and we were so honored and excited to be able to attend.


One thought on “festivals

  1. Saw your film at the Oro Valley Library today and it knocked me out. What an outstanding work of art, as well as an outstanding social and political statement, which I hope will raise awareness and opportunities for women returning from combat.

    I was a bit dismayed that we didn’t get to see the closing credits before someone stopped the movie. I loved the music selection and recognized groups like Veruca Salt and the Breeders and was familiar with many of the other pieces, I was hoping to see a complete list of the selections.

    I was also delighted that some of the others in attendance were actually involved with efforts to help the returning vets, and it was a rare opportunity for them to be able to speak with the filmmakers. However I wish we could have spend more time discussing the film itself, which I enjoyed immensely.

    Thank you for your work, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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